Thanksgiving Table: Sweet & Saucy

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we’ve invited some of our favorite artists, designers and shop owners to contribute table-setting ideas with all of their favorite products and objects. Each day this week and next, we’ll be sharing one with you. Today, we’re excited to present a table styled by Sweet & Saucy, a Long Beach-based bakery/shop. Rather than going with the traditional dinner-table setting, Sweet & Saucy decided to do what they do best — desserts! Take a look below for an absolutely delicious-looking dessert buffet, perfect for a Thanksgiving setting.(All products featured can be purchased or rented from Sweet & Saucy Supply, located in both Long Beach and Newport Coast.) — Max

Photography by Mr. Haack.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of rich, warm colors, so that is why I immediately thought of using our amber stands! I typically love adding clear cut glass and hobnail-style stands to colored stands when I do set-ups because they are a base color and don’t overwhelm the look, and they add another interesting element. I also love adding domes to any set-up . . . I think they are a perfect finishing top to a display and add a sense of whimsy to the look.

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The large square glass stands in clear crystal and amber are probably my favorite of the bunch. They are just so elegant, and the detail on them is amazing! They remind me of vintage finds that would be family heirlooms passed down through the generations.

I think the ruffle edge on the round glass pedestal is such a fun addition to this cake stand, and at only $28, this is one great, affordable stand.

I feel like the individual pumpkin caramel cheesecakes are a perfect fit on the 6″ amber hobnail stands, and I love the look of the domes over them!


The amber glass is definitely my favorite! My Sweet & Saucy is such a great brand! And Melody is a sweetie. Only problem with this post is there is no picture of that adorable squidgey baby girl! Design Sponge definitely needs to up its game with cute baby pics ;)