Thanksgiving Table: Reform School

Over the last week and a half, we’ve posted Thanksgiving tables styled by some of our favorite artists, designers, shop owners and tastemakers. If that wasn’t enough inspiration for your upcoming Thanksgiving feast, fear not! There are five more tables to look forward to! Today’s table comes from Reform School, a Los Angeles-based home goods shop that specializes in classic, sustainable design. — Max

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Living in sunny Southern California means not having much of a change in seasons. It’s still nice outside in November, so we thought we’d have our small gathering dine alfresco, making a cozy little setting using products made by California artists.

Just about everything on the table (including the table itself) was handmade by some of our favorites here in Los Angeles. The plates, bowls and stoneware cups are made by Sadie and Emma. Kristen Erickson created the salad bowl and cheese and bread plates. And the hand-carved candleholders are from A Question of Eagles. The table and benches themselves were hand built by our dear friend and artist, Jimmy Marble.

We rounded out our non-traditional table with some vintage serving pieces, a Japanese donabe, stacking glasses from SaiKai and our super handy water jugs. Our ikat fabric made for a perfect table runner, and we added an extra pop of color with some teal linen napkins. In lieu of flowers, we opted for a simple firethorn (pyracantha) branch, which is extremely abundant here in Los Angeles this time of year.

Hope you enjoyed our Thanksgiving table, and we wish everyone a very happy holiday!

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Mike Mannix

Very up-to-date and rustic at the same time. We’re looking to update our kitchen decor and this might be a start. The contrasts in the colors make the setting very interesting, pretty sure it would be more so with a colorful serving of foods.

Holly (The Apiarist)

This table is my favorite so far! Thanksgiving settings are so often shades of reds and oranges, so I love the burst of teal coupled with the graphic ikat. Just delightful!

l o v e l y t h i n g s

I love that it’s outdoors…and of course the beautiful colors of natural wood, red and teal. Makes me wonder why we didn’t have our thanksgiving outdoors while we lived in southern california. The fire looks so inviting and the paintings hung on the fence make it all the more cozy.


Wow, those settings are gorgeous! Makes me wish I could sit down with my family right now. :)


Our dinner stays indoors but I love all this decor! Will visit Reform School on line. Live in LA (Santa Monica)!