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Thanksgiving Table: John Derian

by Maxwell Tielman

Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared Thanksgiving tables styled by our favorite artists, designers and shop owners. Our last table, brought to you by artist and designer John Derian, is quite the treat. “I do entertain a bit, so I like functionality and simplicity, but always like to mix it up with a bit of wit,” Derian says. Known for his nature-filled aesthetic that evokes images of curiosity cabinets and old-world styles, Derian has crafted a table that is as charming as it is romantic. —Max

The napkins are by Lisa Corti; she is based in Italy, but the work is produced in India. These are all hand-block printed; they feel nice to touch, and there are 30 designs (which I find helps guests remember which napkin is theirs).

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I love the works of the French company Astier de Villatte. I use their work a lot in my house on the Cape. They hand make their ceramic works in Paris, their glassware is blown in France and their flatware is from Italy. We have been collaborating this last year with me putting my images on their plates.

The paper flowers are by The Green Vase. The porcelain fruits and fig leaf (pictured in top photo) are handmade in England. (A little humor — I am not sure why I gravitate toward fake foods and things, but they crack me up, and I guess once a prankster, always a prankster.)

I discovered after a few off-balance meals that place cards really do the trick in creating an even flow at the table. If one end is quiet and the other chatty, it can throw off an unsuspecting Thanksgiving meal.

Candles are key: Too dark and it’s a make-out session (which could be fun); too bright and no one wants to stay. The candlesticks are by Astier De Villatte, and the taper candles are from Cire Trudon.

Full list of products featured (available at John Derian)

  • Silverware: Astier de Villatte stainless steel collection
  • Plates, pitcher, candlestick: Astier de Villatte. The plates with images on them are part of the Astier de Villatte/John Derian collaboration.
  • Napkins: Lisa Corti hand-block printed napkins from Italy
  • Glasses: The glass with the slightly more complicated stem is by Astier de Villatte. The other two are by Bollen Glass (a Dutch glassware maker).
  • Place card: John Derian Company (we have six styles available)
  • Hand-painted porcelain leaf and pomegranate: Penkridge, a British porcelain company
  • Bud vase: La Soufflerie (hand-blown glass from Paris)
  • Paper flowers: The Green Vase (handmade paper flowers made right here in NYC)
  • Red taper candle: Cire Trudon (French candle maker dating back to Napoleon)
  • Tablecloth: Transylvanian Images (vintage dowry linen from Transylvania)

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