Textiles by Knife in the Water

I’ve become something of a two-trick pony these days when it comes to my personal style interests. It seems the only two things my inner design geek cares about are textiles and ceramics. In some respects, it’s always been that way, but over the past few years, it’s been a slippery slide down the “fill your home with ceramic dishes and printed cloth” slope. I don’t buy a lot for my own home (working on this site is so visually stimulating that I need a design break in my apartment), but when I do, it tends to be a simple printed textile or an earthy ceramic piece. Basically, I’m slowly becoming all of the art teachers I grew up loving. (Next stop: long gray hair worn in perma-braids.) Currently, I’m intensely crushing on these bright printed textiles from Knife in the Water. Based in Seoul, Seung yun Yoo creates these beautiful cotton pillows, aprons and napkins by hand, using natural dyes and water-based inks. I love all the pink and indigo; both of those colors feel classic and timeless to me, but the designs are definitely contemporary. Click here to check out and shop Knife in the Water’s full collection online. Prices range from $15 to $44. xo, grace

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I love saturated look of the colours – the blue napkin especially. I’m in the market for some new ones too…


this comment doesn’t need ot be published, but your seoul (first paragraph) is missing the “u”