Sydney Hale Co.

One of the wonderful aspects of having Max on our team is how he’s changed my mind about things. Namely, my opinion on candles. I’m a known candle hater, and now I find myself scooping them up left and right. Nary a room in my apartment (all three of them — whew) is without something flickering and spreading good scents across the space. I tend to be drawn to clean garden smells (tomato vines, geranium, citrus and grass), but as the temperatures drop, I’m opening my mind to something a little richer and spicier for the holidays. These beautiful soy candles are from Sydney Hale Co., a candle maker from Arlington, Virginia (hooray, my home state!), and come in incredible scents like blue spruce & spearmint, clementine & clove (my favorite) and mint & geranium. I ordered a few from Etsy last week, and they arrived this week in pretty packages ready to test out on the office. So far, the spicy clove candle is everyone’s favorite, but I already stuck my head into the geranium candle packaging, and it is incredibly promising. I know candles aren’t everyone’s thing, but if you need a great quick gift or something to bring to a holiday party, these are perfect. Click here to check out the full range on Etsy and shop online. Candles are $28 each and last 50 hours. Each container can be reused (the amber one is going to be a desktop vase for our office) and — the best part — Sydney Hale donates 10% of profits to a local animal rescue group. Great candles, great cause. xo, grace

Mr Glitter

My mother has scented candles in every room of her farmhouse in Ohio – even the rooms she doesn’t use.

I usually waffle between clean, light Japanese incense and scented candles for the holiday season, but this year I’m leaning towards candles.

I have the same scent preference that you do Grace.


I’ve been loving on these candles for a while now, she has some great scents! Take Heart Shop in Austin sells them FYI


Just bought two! My roommate and best friend is obsessed with candles and the good-cause angle doesn’t hurt either! Perfect timing on the post!


I bought a couple of Sydney Hale Co. candles two weeks ago – Fir and Blue Sage and Mint Geranium – and have had them burning in our apartment ever since. The Fir and Blue Sage is my favorite so far, it’s absolutely heavenly and perfect for this season.

Molly (in DC)

I live right next door in Alexandria, VA, and hadn’t heard of this company. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely try them out.


So excited about this feature!! I carry Sydney Hale Co. candles in my shop and I love them!

Barb Taylor

Not only are the scents wonderful,after blowing the candle out,you can rub the still soft soy wax into your hands for an incredible spa treatment!


great review! I’ve been eyeing these candles for awhile now & getting thumbs up from you makes me want to make a purchase asap. I’ve been made fun of for enjoying grass scent! glad to see that someone else enjoys the scent of freshly cut grass.