Sweet Paul Mag: Winter 2012

There are two publications that I’m always excited to see in my physical and digital mailbox: Martha Stewart Living and Sweet Paul. As much as I embrace realness, “everyday”-ness and the imperfect in my life, I secretly long to live in a world where I know how to be as perfect as the pages in both of these magazines. I know neither would look down on me for doing my best (not even Martha; I really think she’s a fan of people doing whatever they can to make their home beautiful), but I still look up to these publications as examples of living a beautifully and elegantly styled life. Martha’s December issue was sheer perfection for me (Those wreaths by Emily Thompson? Swoon City), and Sweet Paul‘s winter issue is gorgeous, as well. Packed with great food, decoration and shopping inspiration, Paul and his team have come up with a slightly dark (but still glittery) and deeply elegant, romantic take on the holidays, with a huge range of DIY projects that I immediately bookmarked to do over the winter break. From paper origami lights (soo great) to chunky crystal tree decorations, it’s a total design fest for someone who loves minerals and facets like I do. You can view the full issue in all its beauty right here online. If anyone makes those origami lights, I’m dying to see a photo — they’re such a cool, modern take on holiday lights. xo, grace

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I do love how the magazines use silver for holiday decorating…but I don’t see too much of it in real-life decorating. Why is that? Is it considered cold? I like it…but it would appeal mostly to adults, not children. But the knitted acorns are darling! What an easy project to put in your purse for a little knitting on the bus or train. And if they become ornaments, they’re a great gift that gets new life each year. Lovely!


i have been wanting to make those origami Christmas lights ever since I saw them I think last year! I probably will make them this year, they look amazingly cute!


I am going to secretly have this open while I work today, and sneak peaks when my boss isn’t looking. Bring on the holiday! I’m finally ready!


Grace, have you made any of his recipes? So many look amazing, but I’ve had mixed luck sometimes with gorgeous food styling and underwhelming recipe results.
(couldn’t possibly be me…um, nope, couldn’t possibly)

Grace Bonney


i’ve made a few, but not all of them. and admittedly only the easy savory ones- i’m a terrible baker. i’d definitely suggest leaving a comment for paul and the team so they can help with feedback or corrections, if need be. they’re a really friendly bunch :)



I love these. I like how they use non traditional colors on these decorations, yet they still work. Very cool.