Susy Jack Foodie Collection

I love Susy Jack’s colorful expansion into home goods. I’ve always loved her stationery and desk accessories, but her dishtowels are just as pretty. The blue china pattern above and the coordinating line of recipe cards would make for a well-rounded holiday gift. (I know, it’s almost that time of year. Eeek!) The web shop also has some sweet little gold-leafed table weights that would be perfect for a home office. If you need a little table top — or kitchen top — decorating, click here to check out and shop the Susy Jack collection online. xo, grace


I’ve been trying for years to get their calendars but it’s practically impossible (or ridiculously expensive) to get their stuff sent to EU :/
Too bad, I love their work.


Grace, wow… thank you so much! I’m so pleased that you like the new explorations…. They have been so fun to design. The broken dish towel is my personal favorite, and so I was extra happy to see it here… I really tried to push into a new space with that design I’m excited to say that this little foray into fabric will hopefully extend soon, too. : )