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Sneak Peek: Haley Ann Robinson

by Shannon Grant

Haley Ann Robinson describes her home decor as eclectic, filled with a mix of vintage and modern pieces, as well her handmade “installations.” Every piece in her home is creatively displayed and carefully considered, from her framed hats and painted canvas embroideries to her vintage jewelry collection. Her favorite thing to do is to wake up early, make a pot of tea and draw in her sketchbook in the soft morning light. Haley Ann is a graphic designer, artist and illustrator who splits her time between Los Angeles and Portland. She gathers inspiration from the lush forests of Oregon, and much of her work is rooted in nature. She works at POP Studio in Culver City and sells her works at shops such as Seattle-based Totokaelo and Brooklyn-based Jumelle. Thank you, Haley Ann! — Shannon

Image above: This installation is very special to me. It holds a lot of stories, memories, and meanings. It is a mixture of personal artwork, amazing vintage frames, mementos from both my grandma and my mom, and a very amazing horse bust!

Image above: I scored this bed frame at the Rose Bowl, one of my many favorite flea market finds. I love how girly and romantic it feels with the lace curtains. I’m a huge fan of hats and think they deserve to be framed because they’re all so different and unique . . . not to mention great wall art!

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Image above: I bought that arrow in Portland and had to have them ship it back to LA because I couldn’t bring it back on the plane with me. Just one of those things I had to have.

Image above: A girl can never have enough jewelry. About 97% of my jewelry is vintage. I inherited a lot of special pieces from both of my grandmas, and a few pieces have been given to me by some amazing people/ acquaintances in my life. One of my everyday essentials is my rings — can’t leave home without them!

Image above: This flag was on my great grandfather’s coffin. He served in the First World War. My mom knew I had been on the hunt for a vintage flag and handed this down to me. It comes with some true meaning, and I’m honored to have it hanging in my home.

Image above: I have a strong habit of collecting vintage frames. I feel like eventually they’ll all have lovely pieces of art in them. They are one of my favorite things to look for while thrifting, and I’ve always got my eye out for those one-of-a-kind finds. And that chair was a mega steal! I picked it up at Hippo Hardware in Portland. I feel like it’s one of those items that were built to last forever.

Image above: My workspace is always changing shape. I work all over the place — on the floor, outside, in my living room, on my bed, dining room table, you name it. I made those shelves out of reclaimed wood and stainless steel from the hardware store. The idea of mixing old with the new is a constant inspiration.

Image above: I love how my paint palette becomes a piece of art in itself. Tons of colored layers on top of other colored layers. I use a lot of bright colors in my work, so the aftermath is like an acid rainbow! My man gifted me that stamp set. It’s super old and precious and still has all the letters and numbers!! That’s a Blaine Fontana sketch in the back there, an amazing artist that I’ve always looked up to.

Image above: A mixture of vintage finds and personal works. That spur hanging is actually from the house I grew up in that burned down in 2007. One of the few remains of an entire childhood. I made that mini deer bust as part of a gallery show in Culver City. I sculpted close to 30 of those ‘lil guys. My house looked like a mini taxidermy factory.

Image above: Some personal ceramic pieces. I recently started taking a ceramics class here in LA, and I’m so in love with the endless possibilities. There’s nothing like shaping something with your own hands and slowly bringing it to life one step at a time. They’re all so one of a kind and unique in their own special way. One of my mini geo blocks is in there, as well!

Image above: I did these painted canvas embroideries for a solo show here in Echo Park. Such a long process but so different than just paint sitting on a canvas.

Image above: This is Fondo. She is the raddest cat I’ve ever met. She keeps me company in the studio while I work late nights and is always there when I wake up early in the morning to share some tea. This window makes me feel like I’m totally secluded from the noisy Los Angeles hum. Being able to look out your window and see greenery is pretty rare in this city. Definitely one of my favorite spots in the house.

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  • Haley,
    your home is charming and so lovely! Yout art wall in the first pic is stunning! Where did you get that deers frames and that “love your” work?
    And your jewelry is so beautiful! I dare to say that I love every little corner of your home! Congratulations for turning so many different styles and things into a charming cozy home!

  • LOVE this house. Total house jealousy. Total vintage turquoise jewelry jealousy. This is such a perfect mix of modern-y vintage and natural-y vintage. I also love the wooden geo blocks… her painted ones are beautiful too, but the unfinished ones are such a nice subtle touch mixed in with other things.

  • Beautiful home – I love little personal details and how they reflect (I think) your personality; the house doesn’t have a “decorated” look, but a very “lived-in” feeling. I also love your Rad Cat!

  • The flag has 50 stars… no way it’s from WWI. I’m sure it’s very sentimental, but our flag had 48 stars until the late 50’s.

    • Kate – The flag was on her grandfather’s coffin, who served in WWI. She did not say that the flag was FROM WWI

  • Love, love, love your home!!! So much personal style and it comes across with such ease. Great details and a lot of unique combinations. And the stories behind the photos are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  • Aline – I painted those deer paintings! And I letterpressed the “love your” poster a few years ago. Glad you enjoy!

    Kate – definitely not from WWI, as much as I wish it was. But was on my great grandfather’s coffin :) Thanks Amy!

  • Haley, me again! And uou painted those deer paintings on oil-on-canvas or on woods? (Sorry about me being curious but I’m really in love with that deers and I wanna try to do the same!) Your work is beautiful!

  • Haley, You have such a lovely home!!! I’m a California girl living in Brooklyn and I’m always looking for a way to bring that effortlessly, relalxed feel into our home. I absolutely love the blanket on your bed, curtains behind Fondo! Wondered if you share the source of them?

  • I believe that she lives in Mt. Washington….I could be wrong, ut im pretty sure that this home is in Mt. Washington.