Small Batch Production Linens

I’ve been cooking more this season than ever before and am desperately in need of an apron. I’m more like a small child than a 31-year-old adult when I cook (you can typically tell what I made based on what ended up on my shirt), so getting some sort of apron on myself is mission critical. In addition to cute linen aprons, I found a handful of sweet handmade kitchen textiles at the Small Batch Production shop on Etsy. Claire Tipley hand-sews all of her designs using natural linen, which ages beautifully as you use it over time. I finally learned to embrace linen napkins (over my previous “folded paper-towel napkin” method) this year, which feels more like I’ve made a meal than just something quick to scarf down while I watch 30 Rock reruns. Claire has a variety of textiles available, ranging from aprons and napkins to tea towels. Click here to check them out in full and order online; prices range from $12–$86 a piece. xo, grace


I love products like this that are lovely for their functionality. Just makes me want to cook something.

julia @ the BackLoop

I’m not sure how everyone else feels about it, but I love that they aren’t irons and starched to with in an inch of their life. This is so much more true to life for me.


I am obsessed with linen napkins and towels. These are wonderful! I am already pouring over the Etsy page. The striped black…OOOOH ! ;)


i have been on an apron quest for the past month. love this etsy find! these are very simple. my other favorites are on the other side of the spectrum on this etsy page: i think i am going to give aprons and favorite recipes for my next round of holiday gifting. thanks for adding to the options. :)