Oru Kayak on Kickstarter

When I started Design*Sponge, the very first group of girls I met and became friends with happened to be talented stationery designers. Some of them are still making beautiful work, and others have gone on to start exciting new projects outside of the design world. One of them, Kate Lydon, has continued to work in the design field along with her husband, designer Anton Willis. Kate emailed me last week to let me know about Anton’s latest design project, and I was floored when I saw what it was. Anton designed an incredible origami folding kayak that just launched a campaign on Kickstarter. I love any project that’s designed to get city dwellers into the outdoors more easily, and this design is perfect for that. Anton’s Oru Kayak weighs only 25 pounds and comes in a tote that you can carry on your shoulder like a large art portfolio. When you get to the water, you can unfold and assemble the kayak in five minutes to create a 12-foot-long boat that’s ready to use! It’s so fantastic to see such a creative — and functional — idea brought to life. Anton is drumming up support for the kayak production right here (which will be done in California), but you can also buy one now ($750–$800, depending on purchase time) if you’re looking to splurge on something pretty spectacular for the boat lover in your life. Whether you want to buy a kayak or just check out a cool design project, click here for more info and details. You can also click “play” below to watch the video on assembling the kayak. Congrats, Kate and Anton, on an awesome new project! xo, grace


OK, I don’t even kayak, and it is all I can do to NOT order one of these. Pure. Genius.


I seriously need one of these! I can take it on the skytrain! I can store it in my office and it might even fit in the trunk of my car. Oh My Lanta. *coveting*


The Oru kayak is amazing (at are Kate and Anton). I can fit two of these in the trunk of my Jetta for those of you thinking about buying one. It’s an incredible design and a joy to paddle!


I love it! Does it fulfill the the measure requirements for luggage to be taken on a plane?


Not for carry on a plane but defiantly check-in bag. I would not want to check it in unless I found a hard case to fit it in because airlines just throw things around. Trust me i travel for work, a hard case for travel would make it the “Next” outdoor sport for travelers (Following golf, ski and hunting).

Kate Lydon

Thanks all, for your support! We’re excited you like the Oru Kayak. Johan, yes, it can be checked on the plane, and we’re working on a backpack for the Oru Kayak in the spring.