Objets Mécaniques

by Grace Bonney

Nothing pleases me more than hearing from talented women who are running their own businesses; though, admittedly, I’m slightly more pleased when I hear that they’re running a woodworking business and doing an amazing job of it. When I was in college and wanted to design and build my own dorm furniture, I had an art teacher crinkle his nose at the request to learn more about woodworking. He said, “Why? Are you going to grow up and be a woodworker?” The idea didn’t seem so crazy to me, but he appeared to think that I didn’t have any business doing it. My second request was followed with the name and email of a male classmate who built furniture on the side. I guess it wasn’t crazy for him to build things. Thankfully, I didn’t listen to that teacher, and I ended up getting to experience the incredible sense of pride that comes from building something with your own two hands. So when I see other women doing the same thing, especially in a design niche that’s often dominated by men, it makes me feel good inside.

These beautiful cutting boards, planting boxes and the amazing headboard below are all from Objets Mécaniques, a Montreal-based woodshop. Designers Ariane and Ariane completed their master’s in architecture and started their own business this summer. This fall, they launched their Big Cartel shop, and now everyone can check out and enjoy their latest work. I’m pretty partial to those milk-paint-accented cutting boards, but that custom headboard (with book storage, see image after jump) is really my favorite. It’s smooth and rich and super functional to boot. You can’t lose with that combo. Objets Mécaniques updates their website with information regularly, and you can shop their smaller designs online right here. And, if you’re planning to be in the NYC area for the holidays, they’ll be selling their work at the Renegade Holiday Fair this year! Details are here — I know I’ll be there with bells on to meet these talented women. Thanks to Ariane and Ariane for reaching out! xo, grace

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