New: Yellow Owl Workshop for Schoolhouse Electric

I always get excited when artists collaborate with each other. When Portland’s Schoolhouse Electric first started doing artist editions, they proved they had a good eye for choosing partners, and their latest collaborative series is no different. Today, Schoolhouse Electric is launching a brand new line, the Victory Regalia Collection, with Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop. Christine loves classic sports emblems, and she’s carried that enthusiasm for “victory-inspired” goods into this new collection, which includes ceramic trophy vases and an original and exclusive line of reimagined letterman patch and pennant pillows — all handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. I love the playful feel of each piece; it’s a great extension of Christine’s style and a wonderful addition to Schoolhouse Electric’s growing line of home offerings. The lamp and pennant pillows are my favorite, but you can check out and shop the full collection online right here. And if you’re in the San Francisco area next week, you can join Christine and the Schoolhouse Electric team for the launch party at Heath Ceramics. Click here to RSVP. Congrats to Christine and the Schoolhouse team on the new collaboration! xo, grace

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I love all the old school flags…you can find these at antique shops. Imagine how a collection of these would look on a wall. Actually I think DS may have featured something like this once. And letter jackets! Don’t get me started. There’s a cute letter jacket for a young boy that’s featured on Burdastyle’s web site right now. I never did the letter jacket…wait I take that back….I borrowed my brother’s West Point jacket for a while to wear while I was a student on the UIUC campus. I liked the attention I got wearing it…but then I had to return it eventually. I think I’d wear one again just for the heck. Maybe I need buy my own?


How does she do it? Each new idea becomes a must-have for me. Checking my holiday shopping list as I browse.