New: Stamps from Fawnsberg

I love customized stamps. They are not only cute and fun to use, but they also encourage real paper mail, which is so special to receive this time of year. One thing that can make paper mail easier to send (especially if you have a lot of cards to mail) is having an address stamp that you can ink and use for each card. I splurged on my own stamp last year, and it’s been so fun to break it out for the holidays and thank you notes. Fawnsberg just released a beautiful series of return address stamps that can easily be customized for personal or business use. I’m most fond of the styles above and below, but you can check out the full range and order online at Etsy right here. Stamps range from $35 to $85 each. Happy stamping! xo, grace

More Fawnsberg stamps after the jump . . .


These are darling…I wonder if I could customize with the image of a skein of yarn with two knitting needles sticking out? That would sum up my craftsy personality nicely….but otherwise, I think these stamps are either for long-term renters or homeowners. No fun if you have a stamp made up and you move the following month!

Jonathon Wayne

I’m glad someone else has a love for stamps. What sort of ink do you use? I’m trying to find some good vegetable based or Eco-friendly inks and haven’t been able to come up with any as of yet!


I love these! I cannot wait until we purchase our first home so that I can get a beautiful stamp (among other reasons)!