New: City Maps by These Are Things

In honor of Tuesday being City Guide day, I wanted to share these great new neighborhood maps from Jen and Omar at These Are Things. Since they debuted their first neighborhood map back in 2010, they’ve been receiving suggestions for new cities on a daily basis. This week they’re launching a new set of maps voted for by their customers and online fans. Now residents of Atlanta, Austin, Buffalo, Cleveland, Miami and Milwaukee can pick up 18″ x 24″ three-color lithographs of their hometowns to celebrate their favorite areas and hangouts. Each neighborhood map is available right here for $59. xo, grace

If you’re traveling to any of the cities above, we’ve got great guides written by locals from each city right here: Buffalo, Austin, Atlanta, Cleveland, Miami and Milwaukee. More city guides are right here.

See more city maps from These Are Things after the jump . . .

Jen + Omar


Milwaukee AND Miami! My two cities, and you never see both done. I will have to get these just because of that. Now if I could just get a city in Cuba for my husband… :)