Macaron Coin Purse

Last week, I mentioned what I thought was my biggest blogger secret. But I forgot to add another: I hate macarons. I love the way they look but can’t get into the taste. Perhaps it’s my general loathing of almond flavoring, but they’re just not my cup of tea. That said, if they come in adorable coin purse form, I’m totally down with that. These cute little sewn purses would be fun for handling spare change, storing small jewelry or keeping something small safe from, say, animals that like to paw at small objects. These little purses come in eight different colors, each made from Japanese linen fabric. Click here to check them out in more detail and order ($10 each) online. xo, grace


Glad to hear someone else hates them as much as I do! But, I do love all the pretty pastel goods they inspire.


Generally, I dislike them too – usually too sweet and chewy. But if you are ever in Paris, I would highly recommend the macarons from Pierre Herme – not too sweet, a little crunchy and chewy, just as they should be. Jasmine flavor is wonderful.

Stephanie May*

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You don’t like macarons?! I’m wondering if you have tried authentic French macarons? My husband and I had several from Laduree in Paris a few months ago, and they were FANTASTIC (and not almond flavored at all). You must try true Parisian macarons – I insist! :)

Katie Schulz

I just ordered a yellow one to go along with my niece’s other Christmas present. And 2 Totoro coin purses. At this rate, I’ll have all of my shopping done before Thanksgiving.

Grace Bonney

oh i love those, manda! jeni and i are publishing house-mates (we both did books with Artisan) and i’ve been a fan of her tasty treats since artisan used them for a party. soo good :)



Oh thank goodness! Someone else who doesn’t LOVE macaroons!!! I thought I was the only one – I absolutely love the way they look, but just don’t love the way they taste/feel… I always feel like some sort of a fraud because everyone else goes absolutely ga-ga over them ;)

Jen O

I love that you support Etsy and other true cottage crafters, but this is made in Singapore, and I can assure you that the odds are high that they are mass produced, hence the ‘too good to be true’ price of only $10. This pricing structure undercuts our domestic crafters who can’t produce anything made from imported Japanese linen for that low of a price.


Hey Jen O, I can assure you that the products are all handmade by my mother and aunt. My mom, the owner of thelittletreehouse, is swarmed with the massive amounts of orders right now.

Thank you, Grace, for featuring my mom’s hard work on designsponge :)


macarons and macaroons are very different treats. macarons look like the purses above and come in many flavors. macaroons are lumpy cookies consisting mostly of almonds and sometimes coconut.


Where do you go to order them for 10 dollars? I can only find them where they cost 80 dollars.