Lone Mine Cut Glass Gems

Growing up, one of my favorite candies was Astro Pops. Not only were they sugary and delicious, but they also looked like colorful glass cones — almost too pretty to eat. Almost. When I first saw these Lone Mine cut-glass gems from Tracy Bull (her first business is the popular Happy Owl Glassworks), they reminded me of Astro Pops. I love the way Tracy has created these colorful faceted gemstones using vibrant blue, orange, pink and green glass. Each tiny 1/2″ gem is ground by hand until a high-polish finish is achieved. They feel like tiny sculptures to me. I’d love to fill a bowl with them on a tabletop and let the light catch them throughout the day. Whether you want to wear or display them, you can check out the full series (they’re all one of a kind) and shop online right here. Prices range from $64 to $102 each. xo, grace

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