J.L. Lawson Metal Goods

Heavy metal goods may seem clunky and bulky, but when used sparingly, I think they have a sophisticated and classic look. Back when I used to work for a small PR agency, I had to write a press release about a desk designed to be used as a “modern day power desk,” and I remember wondering what the heck that was and whether people used them anymore. I kept imagining what I would put on my own power desk if I found myself with eight feet of space to occupy. At the top of my list were: candy, pretty paper weights, more candy and brass accessories like desk organizers and tops. For some reason, I associated spinning tops less with childhood and more with fancy executive desks that would belong to an architect or designer, someone who’d want to play with creative (but beautiful) toys during a break. These one-of-a-kind designs from J.L. Lawson are gorgeous. Each is hand-turned from a solid brass bar without using any specifications; they just work with the brass until they like the look and then stop. So each one is totally different. My favorite part? They say they should be able to spin for up to two and a half minutes straight. That would be a nice little mini-break from work. In addition to brass tops, J.L. Lawson makes some handsome bottle openers and key racks that you can mount to the wall. They’re simple and straightforward, but the metal will age beautifully, and in ten years¬†they’ll look as cool as they do today. Click here to check them out and shop online. Spinning tops start around $55. xo, grace

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Wow, I didn’t realize I needed a spinning top until now! These are gorgeous and would be great for stress breaks! Thanks for posting them. :)