Human/House/Harvey: Ceramic

It seems I’m having a love affair with ceramics of late. Ceramic vases, ceramic candle holders, ceramic measuring cups . . . you name it, I have it (or at least I want it) in ceramic form. Something about the weight, texture and style of ceramic goods makes me giddy, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites for me, my home and my pup. Enjoy! — Stephanie

HUMAN — This necklace is plain yet charming, and I can see it adding just a bit of color to my typical all-black-and-gray wardrobe. I can truly admire a simple piece of jewelry when it’s done right.

HOUSE — This amazing mug captured my eye the moment I saw it, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. It may be out of stock right now, but I will be certain to change that. It’s rather silly, really, but it will be mine!

HARVEY — There is no shortage of marvelous ceramic dog bowls on the market, and this happens to be one of my recent faves. Functional and kitschy, and when matched with that adorable placemat, just too darn cute!


Thanks so much for including my necklace in this fun ceramic feature, Stephanie! Love that dog bowl–now I just need the dog to go with it… ;-)