Diamond Pot Holders

by Grace Bonney

I live in a pretty tiny apartment where just about every surface has to double as a trivet when I’m cooking. With about 2 feet of space to prep, cook and rest things, I’ve learned to turn anything into a pot holder: napkins, tea towels, sweaters, blankets- you name it, I’ve hastily rested a pot on it before. Because I need to get more serious about avoiding a burning situation, I’ve decided to grow up and buy some darn pot holders. I’ve been hunting around the web for fun ones and these cute little diamond shaped pot holders are definitely on my life. Made of white cotton batting and towel material, it’s perfect for grabbing hot pans or absorbing heat if you need to rest something down for a minute. Each pair of holders is washable and made to order, so if you’re looking for a cute kitchen gift, click here for more info and to order online ($26). xo, grace

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  • those are cool! you know, i live in a tiny apartment and i have never used a pot holder…i just leave it on the stove and turn it off. or move it off the burner but still on the stove. haha.

  • hehe. My mum cuts up my brother’s old jeans, stitches them and uses them as pot holders. They look really funky.