Cinnamon Linens

Hurricane Sandy left some serious winter temperatures behind, so I’ve been getting into winter mode in a big way. One of my favorite things to do at home is to simmer a small pot of apple cider with cinnamon, cloves and occasionally a little bit of cardamom or anise. I stole that idea from Amy Azzarito, who has been doing it forever, which means her house is always the best-smelling place in November and December. But stovetop smells aren’t my only means of embracing cinnamon in the winter — I always find a way to incorporate it into my home, whether with a pretty throw, new pillows or a scarf. These copper-colored tea towels from Studio Patro remind me of fresh ground cinnamon and would be a lovely way to update the kitchen. For some reason, I spend far more time in the kitchen during winter, so it seems like a great place to add a little extra spice. I know, terrible pun. All three of these towels are available in the Studio Patro Etsy shop right here, here and here for $24 each. xo, grace

Wendy @ Young Heart

I’ve been doing a cinnamon mix on the stove top for years, it beats Yankee Candle any day! However, I never thought to incorporate the color. Lovely! Thank you for the great idea!

Rustic Vintage Cowgirl

I love tea towels – and those are fabulous! I also love cinnamon, cloves and oranges on the stove top in winter! Not only does is it smell wonderful, it helps put moisture back in the air when we running a fire.