Ceramic Coal Lumps

It’s always a treat to see artists turn their attention to the mundane, overlooked objects in our everyday lives. There’s something undeniably delightful about pouring from a glass milk carton, eating from a glazed porcelain take-out container or storing your keys and wallet in a leather lunch bag. Chris Faulkner has added another clever item to the ranks of faux/real objects, just in time for the holiday season: these beautiful handmade ceramic lumps of coal. Chris has been giving these clever little sculptures to friends as holiday gifts for a couple years now, and finally, a few of his friends wisely suggested that he make them available to the public.

Beyond the initial novelty of the joke, these objets d’art are quite striking and are perfect for displaying on your tabletop year round. I love their hefty size and the lovely detail on each one-of-a-kind piece. If you’d like to reward all the naughty (and nice) people on your list, you can purchase the lumps of coal in Chris’ Etsy shop. — Kate

Mr. Glitter

Very clever. I like that they’re a bit larger than actual lumps of coal.

Where are the trios of ceramic Christmas cookies with a bite taken out of one?


When my son was at his most trying, during his teens, I would give him lumps of coal in his stocking. This is sooo perfect. I also bought coal made out of licorice and hard candy. Thank goodness we could both laugh then.