Bountiful Arranging Using Vegetables

This week, we put together some arrangements for our friends at Boston Chefs for their annual Flavors of Fall fundraiser. We decided to use seasonal produce rather than a floral-heavy palette. And the folks over at Katsiroubas happily hooked us up with an array of veggies: mini golden beets, red beets, king oyster mushrooms, shitakes, clamshell mushrooms, micro greens and baby carrots.

We’re sharing these arrangements because they can easily be translated into simple, affordable holiday centerpieces using elements from your local grocer. We added flowers to enhance the color and vibrancy of these arrangements but used them sparingly so that the vegetables would be the true storytellers. — Ladies of Forêt

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Starting with aged terra-cotta containers, we created a bed of moss and micro greens to begin our centerpieces. Then, coupling flowers with vegetables based on color, we paired rusty calla lilies with carrots and burgundy snapdragons and roses with the ruby beets. For a more woodland-themed centerpiece, use a variety of different types of mushrooms, sprouts and greens.


How are the flowers staying hydrated? Is the moss soaked in water? Are they in floral tubes?

julia binfield

Wonderful to see the mixture of flowers and vegetables.
It reminds me of 16th century French gardening priciples,
in particular the chateau at Villandry.


Really fantastic – also curious about how to keep the arrangement fresh . . . carrot and beet greens tend to wilt quickly.


This is such a wonderful idea! I love using what we have around the house/yard for centerpieces. Now, I’ll have to give veggies a try!