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Before & After: Gray + Green Bathroom Redo

by Kate Pruitt

One of the best vacation experiences of my life was the time my family and I stayed in San Luis Obispo at a beautiful inn called the Sanitarium. Anyone who has spoken to me for about five minutes has almost certainly heard about my love of steam showers — it’s one of those odd obsessions I can’t seem to stop blathering about — and our room at the Sanitarium had the most amazing bathroom, with allover white tile and marble, green plants tucked into corners and a luxurious steam shower. I’ve wanted to re-create that bathroom for myself ever since, and when I saw this lovely makeover from photographer Kara Healy, I was reminded of that experience and what made it so beautiful.

Kara has chosen a beautiful shade of gray for these walls; it’s a clean neutral that is elegant but also very warm and welcoming. I also love the mix of antique furniture and pots with the modern photographs, and the plants tucked in everywhere give the space energy and make it fresh. I could easily spend an afternoon in here just mellowing out, bathing and soaking in the light. If only it weren’t improper to spend hours upon hours in the bathroom . . . although it worked for Margot Tenenbaum, didn’t it? And her bathroom wasn’t nearly as heavenly as this one. — Kate

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Time: One week

Cost: $500 (linen for the curtains at $12 a yard; 2 IKEA Hemnes bookcases ($240); Ikea Kolja mirror ($10); a can of paint ($40); and baskets, shower curtain, curtain rings, etc. )

Basic Steps: I knew I wanted to clean out the clutter and unnecessary features of this bathroom. The architecture of this converted 1900s brick mansion* is so interesting and historic, and I wanted to showcase the height and light of this space and create a clean and warm impression. I wanted to emphasize the height of the ceilings by hanging both the window panels and the shower curtain high on the wall. (As you can see in the before picture, the previous owner’s shower curtain truncated the amazing height of the room.) This particular gray is wonderful because it is able to create warmth in the winter yet a nice coolness in the summer. The windows as well as the white furniture, floor, and fixtures illuminate the room in such a bright way that I was able to take a risk with such a rich color on the walls.

The advice I would give others is to start clean and to not try to turn a space into something it’s not. As a photographer, I can appreciate the light that a room has to offer and think that should be one of the first factors in the renovation of any space. Also, bringing plants to a clean, minimal room to add color and a living, changing dynamic to the space is one of the features I am most proud of. — Kara

*Here is a link to a shoot that Kara did in this interior for MOCIUN’s Fall collection in 2010.

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  • Amazing architecture in that bathroom. It may just be larger than my condo! I’m not a fan of all the vines – they remind me too much of office plants, but it is amazing otherwise. I’m dying to know what the large basin with the four taps is.

  • Really lovely. All the plants are great. This is my favorite sort of before-and-after: significant improvements that aren’t so dramatic that the ‘after’ is unrecognizable from the ‘before.’

  • What an amazing transformation. I love the stripe of pebbles in the kitchen floor. You must be so proud of your accomplishment!

  • Beautiful results–such a fresh and serene atmosphere! Ditto on PJ’s comment re: paint color and brand, as we’re looking to update our bathrooms. Thanks!

  • I really like this a lot. It’s clean, the plants are wonderful (and I bet they are happy in there) and it looks like everything important has been recycled. I don’t ever think of grey as being a warm color though, I think it’s cool, very cool, and you have to be careful with that in the dead of winter. It can really add to the feeling that it’s time to hibernate.

  • What is the small tub? between the two windows on the fireplace wall? Beautiful bathroom, by the way.

  • Loving the paint color! Looking for a gray like that for my living room (and now maybe my bathroom!). What color is it?

  • First, amazing job. A pretty vine other than a philodendron (if those aren’t philodendrons i apologize) would be a hoya, so beautiful and they flower. It would love that environment. Orchids would too!

  • I am DYING to see the rest of this house! Especially after clicking through to the look book shoot. LOVE


  • Ditto everything!!!! In particular — the paint color, please! I love the warmth of that gray

  • Love this upgrade, amazing what a coat of paint and some small changes can do to a room. Given all the writing in the article about how great the paint is, I’m surprise the color and brand aren’t mentioned. I too am also fascinated by the purpose of the small tub….obviously two questions that D*S readers need answers to!

  • Hi all, thank you for your kind words on the post! Here are a couple answers to the source questions from Kara:

    The paint is C2 LoVo Paint in WoodAsh
    The small basin is called a Sitz bath

    – Kate

  • This particular shade of gray is the perfect compliment to Kara’s large format black and white photographs with their black frames. The plants she’s chosen are so well curated and don’t overwhelm the space. Her minimal hanging ceramic pots are both functional and beautiful. I love how she uses one as a soap holder in the shower. This lady is incredibly talented!

  • Wow, amazing! I am filing this under inspiration for my bathroom redo in my own 100 year old home. Does the shower steam cause problems for the window sill? I’m about to relocate my tub under my shower, but I’m concerned about water damage.

  • This is the first time I prefer the “Before”. The bland whiteness stripped the bathroom of its character that it had before. It felt cozy and comfortable. A place where I would like to read the newspaper. The “after” became too generic, too sad for a happy place. A place where I will be constantly scared of making any mess in.

  • What is that “thing” in the middle next to the fireplace and by a window that you put a plan in? It looks like a mini-tub with a lot of fawcets on the sides??? BTW, your bathroom looks beautiful, very peaceful and clean.

  • Wow… that is stunning… and now I want to change my bathroom which I just did. LOL. Excellent job… really really lovely.

  • Wow and Wow! I have been falling in love with GRAY but this is spa culture beautiful!!!

  • Wow. I’ve found that I’m drawn to this kind of minimalism. Green/white/wood. I would love to have the room to achieve something like this.

    I’m currently looking for a new home and this website is making me awful picky with spaces!