Animal Love: Zebras!

When Max, Amy and I sat down last week to brainstorm animals we’d like to dedicate product roundups to, I immediately knew which animal I hoped to snag: zebras. Why? Because I’ll take any excuse I can get to post that gorgeous Zebra Scalamandre wallpaper. It’s such an iconic design and a great example of embracing bold colors and pattern in a room. It’s hard to be anything but bold when you’re working with zebra patterns and imagery, so I’ve tried my best to include a range of designs here — some that are slightly understated, and others that scream ZEBRA with unabashed enthusiasm. Whether you’re hoping to find something small for your tabletop or want a huge dash of colorful zebra print in your life, I hope everyone can find something fun in this roundup. Enjoy! xo, grace

Image above: Vintage Vera Neumann Zebra Scarf, $18

Image above, clockwise from top left: Tom Eckersley Poster for Maidstone College of Art (not for sale) | DwellStudio Zebra Pillow, $79 | Zebra Notepad by Rifle, $8 | Zebra Wallpaper by Neisha CroslandZebra Bowl, $765 | Zebra Basket, $88 | Zebra Double Ring, $9.90 | Zebra Wallpaper by Scalamandre (such a classic)

Image above: Vintage Zebra Salt & Pepper Shakers, $12

30+ more zebra shopping ideas after the jump . . .

Image above: Zebra Umbrella Stand, $129

Image above, clockwise from top left: Zebra Scarf (close up), $24 | Zebra Stacking Dish, $24 | Zebra Towel with Holster, $225 | Zebra Duck Tape, $4.99 | Zebra Headboard, $449+ | Zebra Armchair, $369

Image above, clockwise from top left: Zebra Pillow, $115 | Zebra Watch, $175 | Zebra Tweezers, $25 | Zebra iPhone Case, $35 | Zebra Ring, $114 | Safari Wallpaper (circle swatch), $105 | Jasper Boot, $170 | Zebra Tray, $24 | Tanzania Bench, $695 | Orange Zebra Wastebasket, $65 | Zebra Print, $19

Image above, clockwise from top left: Zebra Rug, $995 | Zebra Salt & Pepper Shakers, $19 | Metallic Zebra Jar, $16 | Zebra Print Jeans, $24.99 | Zebra Belt, $29.88 | Zebra Wrapping Paper, $3.95

Image above: Zebra Cupcake Tutorial! ($5.36 at Etsy)

Image above, left to right: Zebra Notebook, $3.50 | Zebra Floor Mat, $169

Image above: Zebra Garden Seat, $259

Image above: Paper Zebra Bust, $68

Image above: Zebra Shade, $13.99

Image above: Zebra Notebook, $7

Image above: Zebra Stencil for DIY Projects, $16

Image above, left to right: Zebra iPhone Case, $35 | Zebra Sheet Set, $28.99+

Mandy Behrens

Viva la zebra! I sure needed a dose of eye candy today–entering the second week in the hospital with my mom. Very grateful for her progress and this post. Thank you.

Anna - Canoe Design

I love animal print, and love the fact that zebra is making such a strong statement on the design scene. The monochromatic palette and pattern helps to accent any interior. That headboard and those sheets are amazing!


Oh I just can’t get over my love of animal prints especially zebra prints. I love the zebra sheet set.


i love your animal roundups! I have long wished for a theme like this. However, you should consider spreading the word about how people can donate to help animals like zebras, in addition to all the fun ways to buy up zebra stuff. It might be a cool editorial angle to try to take with your next animal theme? i would direct people to or for inspiration…

Anne Farrell

Zebra love!! Nice post! Sooo glad to see you didn’t include any actual zebra hide rugs here. THAT would not be zebra love, although I have seen a few in decorating blogs/mags. Agree with Jocie’s idea also.