Animal Love: Lions

Ever since Amy started her new Animal Love column, I’ve been jealously eying each post, wanting to jump in and do my own. So last week I emailed her to see which members of the animal kingdom hadn’t been covered yet. So far, she’s covered bees, bunnies, foxes, swans and elephants, with cats on the way next week, so I thought I’d tackle big cats with a post dedicated to LIONS. From doorknockers and keychains to pillows and artwork, this roundup of 25+ products is sure to have something for any big cat fans out there. Happy shopping! xo, grace

Image above, clockwise from top left: Cloud Nine Fabric Inspired by Ed Emberley DrawingsMelamine Lion Plate, $14; Lion Ring, $197; Glass Menagerie Lion, $128; Lion Mane Necklace, $175; Leather Wrap Bracelet with Lion Door Knockers, $150; Lion Figurine, $50; Lion Doorknocker, $55.56; DwellStudio Lion Pillow, $79; Double Exposure Lion Print, $39

Image above, clockwise from top left: Lion iPhone Case, $35; Lion Lantern (UK stores only, sorry); Lion Rug, $795; Lion Ornament, $24; Twoolies Lion, $40; Rimini Blue Lion, $39; Lion Wallpaper Sticker, $112

10+ more lion ideas after the jump . . .

Lion Pillowcases, $120

Lion Business Card Holder, $22.50

Lion Shirt, $33

Lion Pillow, $40

Lion Cup, $27

Lion Earrings, $12

Lion Cards (left, right)

Lion Print by Matte Stephens, $60

Images above, clockwise from top left: Lion Belt, $985 (yowza); Vintage Hornsea Salt + Pepper Pots, $70; Lion Print by Katie Vernon, $20


I absolutely love lions. I love how this is put together. My favorite? The pillows. I am not an animal print kind of girl but the bed looks so modern.


I’m a Leo, so what’s not to love here! Love Ed Emberlery’s fabric and the print by Matte Stevens and ooooh that belt buckle! awesome!


ooh! can y’all do zebras next? not zebra print, the actual animal itself :)


Oh I am in love. My last name is Rohrer (pronounced like ROAR) and lions are a BIG DEAL in our little family. You found a few items I had never seen before!


One of favorite children’s books! ” The Lion and the Little Red Bird” would fit right into this collection.

Nadine P.

The lions are amazing. Made from cotton. We have 2 of them ;)


I adore the animal series, but this one will probably forever top them all for me. I have a special affinity for lions, and my name even means lioness.