Animal Love: Cats

I must have been living under a rock because I only just discovered My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet. I know that every episode is pretty much the same — play with your cats, people! But I got utterly addicted. Both Grace and I have been trying to find ways to make our homes even more cat friendly, the ultimate dream being this Japanese designed home. So when “cat” was one of the most requested animals for Animal Love, I was only too happy to oblige. I do have two cats at home (see all the D*S team pets here), so I try to keep my cat lady tendencies (somewhat) under wraps, but not long ago, I saw a super cool girl on the L train with an awesome tapestry cat tote (sort of like this), which has inspired me to embrace my cat lovin’ side in fashion and at home. So let’s be brave together and let our cat lady (or guy) flag fly high. — Amy Azzarito

Image above, clockwise from left: Leopard Leggings, $39 (still a cat, right?) | Cat Tapestry Rucksack, $30.70 | Black Cat Sweater, $39 | Playing Cat Cuff, $270 | Pet Portrait Scarf, $58 | Mini Cat Studs, $219 | Mini Cat Ring, $198 (Madewell has a similar version) | Bess Cat Hook, £12.00 | Metallic Cat Pillow, $24 | Cat-Shaped Soap, $21

Image above, clockwise from left: Micro Crochet Housecat, $75 | Cat Ring, $150 | Cat Cookie Cutter, $1.50 | Cat Salt & Pepper Shakers, $48 | Arched Cat Necklace, $118 | Cat Burglar Sweater, $76 | Cat Purse, $48 | Cat Door Knocker, $28 | Cat Plate, $22

Image above, clockwise from left: Siamese Cat Accent Lamp, $80.56 | Tassel and Cat Rosary, $348 | Picasso Cats Scarf, $96 | Cat Face Lapel Pin, $28 | Black Cat Tote Bag, $19.99 | Sleeping Kitty Studs, $14 | Twin Cats Sweatshirt, $56 | Mono Cat, £37.50

Image above: Miko Cat Print, $40

Image above: Cat Pillows, $45

Image above: Kitty Flats in Black, $595


Yay, plenty of goodies to feed my cat obsession!
And now I want a Japanese style Ultimate Cat House too. (I have 4 cats). :)


Oh wow. My best friend Liz is going to die when she sees this. Really though, I shouldn’t encourage her…


I have a Dolly Parton “Coat of many colors” cat clothing story for you guys:
When I was in Kindergarten I had a blue jumper and I told my mom I was embarassed to keep wearing the dress because I felt like everyone else had more clothes than me. I had just adopted a cat from the Human Society, so my mom embroidered a little cat face on the front and I LOVED it. It was so sweet of her to do, I wish I still had the jumper.

Lauren Ashley

Oh man – well i for sure need those cat loafers, and I have twin black kitties, so I guess I need the red sweater too. :-)


My cat and design loving brain just exploded a little bit–love this!!


CAT OVERLOAD!!! I have the black cat sweater in white from romwe and i LOVE IT! Great post!!

Rodger Stevens

CAT PEOPLE OF THE WORLD UNITE! … or just remain curled up on the hood of a recently driven car … that works too.

Here are a line of wire felines I recently made for Jonathan Adler (each approx 2′ x 2′).

Nice work, Amy.

Rodger Stevens


wheres the link to the cat head that goes on the wall (first series) ??