Amsterdam Modern

In general, I don’t think the blogging world is fraught with intrigue and secrets, but if I were honest about my biggest (and most shameful) blogging secret, it would be that I sometimes don’t want to post the things I love the most. This applies mainly to handmade or vintage work because quantities are limited, but sometimes when I fall for something and want to purchase it for my own home, I get scared that it either will sell out or be plucked away before I have time to save up for it. I know that a) that’s terrible and b) there are much bigger problems in the world, but I’m always struggling with and pushing through that feeling. I’m getting better, though, and this post is one attempt. When I was in LA last week checking out my friend Julia Rothman’s ginormous billboards downtown, we popped in Mohawk General, where I spent 20 minutes going back, again and again, to look at this moss-colored swing arm lamp by Amsterdam Modern. I pushed it back and forth, played with the shade (which I accidentally unscrewed and almost broke — whoops) and toyed with the idea of going crazy and buying it on the spot. Once my senses returned, and I realized it was over my budget, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I went home and thought about things I could sell or thrift to balance out the cost, but in the end, I figured it would probably be better to let it go and hope someone else has the perfect home for it. I think there are more of these available, but when I asked about multiples, the shop helper said, “I don’t think so; we’ve only ever had this one.” So if this hits the spot, I hope you’ll scoop it up here ($345)! And, secretly, I’ll be hoping that they make a few more moss-colored lights down the line if I finally save up. xo, grace


I’m buying it! Haha, just kidding… just wanted to give you a little heart attack. ;) Way over my budget as well. But so cute!

Wendy Coral

Two thoughts Grace: 1. thanks for your honest. 2. as a financial advisor it makes my heart happy to know that you chose to stick to your budget! i think its such a good message that we need in our times of spending more than we have!

Lisa Schramek

Your comment about “regaining” your senses and letting it go struck a chord with me. I have the same problem! Of course you can do something about your interest… how about a flattering DIY post? Similar mounting components are available in gold at thrift stores and are easily transformed to black- the tricky part would be to keep your eye out for a similar shaped shade.


I appreciate your thoughtful and honest post. I too have similar feelings about pinning items that I really love and hope to own, whether it’s a vintage piece for my home or a beautiful article of clothing. Often, I return to my pins and the item is sold and I am usually not really even phased by it. In the moment of pinning, I do have that brief hesitation though. Nice to hear that someone else has a similar experience. Love your blog, filled with so much inspiration for the soul.


I appreciate your honesty, and don’t worry! I do the same thing. Sometimes a gal has to keep a little something in her back pocket.


I clicked on the link for the lamp, just to see what else Amsterdam Modern offered, but received an error message ‘Ruby on Rails application could not be started.’ I’ll try again in a few days. Hope they fix it!

Sandra Lee

I am so with you on that! Sometimes I like to keep those what I like to consider “special” things to myself. The fact that it’s rare is one of the most attractive traits. Can totally relate to your post, thanks!


You have given them very good press, so I think they should give you the lamp in return.


grace. this makes me love d*s even more. one problem i have with a lot of blogs is that a lot of the bloggers are receiving items from vendors/stores/companies and it makes me question the validity of the blog. i’m sure they have great taste and can pick out which items are worth posting about but sometimes when a blogger encourages me to buy a $200 bowl because the one the company sent them is so amazing, i raise my eyebrows. i am more interested in what a person thinks is worth purchasing themselves.

Julia @ The BackLoop

I love your honesty about not wanting to share. I feel that way about certain things/places too. I remember on Anthony Bourdain’s show , there were a few times that he purposely didn’t show any identifying info about a restaurant because the owner didn’t want to become the next ‘big thing’.

But I’m glad you decided to share.

Amsterdam Modern


Thank you so much for the wonderful post. In addition to Mohawk General, we also have a warehouse you can stop by in Van Nuys with many more great mid-century finds (: