After the Jump: Jen Bekman Interview (mp3)

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to interview Jen Bekman in person for After the Jump. Jen is a gallerist, entrepreneur and writer and is the founder of the Jen Bekman Gallery in Manhattan, along with Jen Bekman Projects, which launched the wildly successful 20× and Hey, Hot Shot!, a fantastic photography competition. I’ve watched Jen with great interest and admiration for almost a decade now. Smart, resourceful and forward-thinking, Jen has done so much for the independent art and design communities that she’s more than earned the incredible accolades she’s received, including being one of Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Technology and American Photo’s Innovator of the Year.

Jen and I sat down to talk about the origins of her amazing projects, the challenges they’ve presented and the ways she’s constantly working to make artwork more accessible. In addition to connecting buyers with great, affordable work, Jen has created an incredibly powerful platform for artists as well, giving them access to a wide range of supportive new customers and clients. Hearing her take on affordable art, blogging and the gallery/art world was fascinating and as inspiring as I’d hoped. I hope you’ll enjoy her interview as much as I did. Thanks so much to Jen for joining me! xo, grace

“I see my role as trying to provide as many ways as possible for artists NOT to give up.”

— Jen Bekman on After the Jump

*Jen offered D*S readers a kind discount for the holiday season: Enter code 20XDS at checkout to get $10 off when you spend $50 or more at 20×



Great interview, Grace! This is my favorite one so far. I share a lot of Jen’s beliefs and values though I haven’t been able to articulate them quite as well as she does. Perfect food for thought as I start planning 2013 for my business.


I just stumbled on your site and let me say its beautiful. I haven’t heard of Ms. Bekmen but I’ll have to look her up.