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2012 D*S Gift Guide: Cards & Gift Wrap

by Maxwell Tielman

When picking out gifts for the holidays, it’s sometimes easy to forget that small things can count the most. A beautiful greeting card that comes unexpectedly in the mail or a thoughtfully wrapped present can say light-years more than a hastily chosen gift that will be discarded by year’s end. Although they may be tiny, these small mementoes warm the heart and create fond memories. We’ve combed the internet for some of the best card and gift wrap designs, items that are sure to invoke cheer in anybody who receives them. Enjoy! — Max

Featured above: 1. Aluminum Tree Letterpress Card, $5 | 2. Season’s Greetings Letterpress Cards, $16 for a set of 6 | 3. Merry Christmas Letterpress Card, $4 | 4. Wooden Cards, $20 for a set of 4 | 5. Happy Hanukkah Letterpress Card, $16 for a set of 6 | 6. Merry Christmas Letterpress Card, $14 for a set of 6 | 7. Embroidered Bear Card, $24

More cards and gift wrap after the jump!

1. Happy Holidays Silkscreened Card, $5 | 2. Pine Branch Card, $13.50 for a set of 10 | 3. Cozy Christmas Card, $4.50 | 4. Wreath Holidays Card, $24 for a set of 6 | 5. Evergreen Letterpress Cards, $28 for a set of 8 | 6. Balloons New Year Card, $3.50 | 7. Merry Christmas Letterpress Card, $6 | 8. Antlers Notecard, $6

1. Barn Owl Gift Wrap, £6 | 2. Hedgehog Gift Wrap, $2.50 | 3. Peony Gift Wrap, $8.50 | 4. “Favorite Things” Gift Wrap, $8.50 | 5. Gumdrops Gift Wrap, $3.50 | 6. Pine Branch Gift Wrap, $2.50 | 7. Rosette Gift Wrap, $2.50 | 8. Forest Animal Gift Wrap, contact seller for pricing | 9. Numbers Gift Wrap, $5 | 10. Pink Reversible Gift Wrap, $8 | 11. Constellation Fabric Gift Wrap, $31.50

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  • I’ve submitted my own card designs (first collection) to a few blogs this year and so been watching all the round-ups like a hawk. I have to say that this is the freshest collection that I’ve seen yet and its good to see a break away from the obvious designers/companies that always come up.

    Blogging oat this level should be about finding new and fresh rather than circulating known and loved otherwise whats the point hey? I love that Design Sponge continually has me clicking on links to know more about someone or something new.

    Fresh content that is beautiful, well done guys (and in case anyone is wondering, no my cards aren’t featured, D*S got a great review because they deserve it!)

  • As Nicole said, this round-up is fantastic. I keep seeing work from Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co. on D*S and LOVE all of the designs that come out of her studio. I wish D*S would do a studio visit, or an “After the Jump” with her, or invite her to do a Biz Ladies post, I’m so interested to learn more about her and her business, and she seems like a regular on the blog.

  • Grace, all I can say is that no matter how long and exhausting your journey to success has been, you never cease to amaze your followers with your eye for the unusual. What would we all do without a D*S Day?? Wishing you the happiest of holidays, a few days off (like that’s a realistic possibility!) and loads of continued success for the New Year. Come visit us during that well-deserved break, if you ever get it:) j

  • This is a great selection! I especially like the blue and silver “Merry Christmas” card. This made me think that Igloo Letterpress also has gift wrap (I just picked some up) that would be perfect for this list.