winner’s wreath

After eight years (yikes!) in the same apartment, I’ve been working on a refresh. I find that my refreshes occur in cycles, and it’s been a few years since the last update. So I’ve been hard at work making some changes. I spent our summer week off repainting the living room and am now looking for new art options. I love this winner’s wreath; it’s sparkly, and at 53″ wide, it’s large enough to make a statement. I also love that it gives a little nod to my equestrian roots without being overtly horse-y. Check it out and buy ($145) from Red. — Amy Azzarito


I used to be an equestrian too! Perhaps an entire equestrian-themed post is in order? (:: hint ::)

Any time people try to think “equestrian”, they usually only come up with riding boots, a riding helmet, horseshoes, and/or an English-country-style portrait of a horse. Thank you for doing something refreshing and new :)


I would check it out but apparently i’m not allowed because i’m in australia?? what the?! very disappointing, i feel like i’m being kept out of a secret club!! :(