Themis Prism Mobile

It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have children yet because I fear I would inflict my love of geometric shapes and facets on every inch of their rooms. Diamond-patterned baby blanket? Yes, please. Neon mountain pillow? Oui. Prism mobile made of folded paper? I’ll take a dozen. This mobile from Clara von Zweigbergk, a Swedish graphic designer and illustrator, is so adorable that I’m tempted to use it for my own room. Each mobile has five small geometric shapes that range from 2.5″ to 3.5″ wide, small enough to hang over a crib or child’s bed or just the right size to, say, hang over an adult’s side table. Click here to check it out in more detail and order online ($39). xo, grace


I just ordered this yesterday. I absolutely love it for a boy or a girl!


I KNOW! How many mobiles can a baby’s room have without looking like a madhouse?