The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

I had my first tarot reading this past weekend when some friends and I went to the Poconos for some R&R. It’s odd that I’m just now learning more about tarot because I remember owning a deck in my teens but not knowing at all what they were for or how to use them; I just loved the beautiful illustrations and mystical symbols. Like traditional playing cards, tarot cards have been an inspiring medium for artists of many eras, and it’s wonderful to see a modern take on the tarot deck from one of our favorite illustrators, Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown.

Earlier this month, Grace wrote about Kim’s tarot prints, and now you can own the whole deck! Catbird in NYC has put together a lovely gift set around these cards including some moon earrings and a tarot deck scented candle. Tarot is not a solo activity, so I recommend giving this deck or gift set to a close friend who, in return, will give you a glimpse into your past, present and future. — Kate


Pretty! Although a bit reminiscent of The Fantod Tarot Deck illustrated by Edward Gorey.

Rita | Miss Antique

I’ve discovered tarot some years ago, before, to me it was a dark art of divination :), now it is one of the most wonderful discoveries I’ve made. I love to read the cards, it’s talking about life through symbols. Just can’t live without. This one is beautiful, wish someone would offer me the gift set for a magical insightful reading :)


i once was told that you must either be given a tarot deck, or you must steal it. otherwise it will not “work” properly and its predictions will be false.

my vote is for gifting.

Marly K

@Helena: That’s not true! I bought my very first deck and several others as well. And the predictions have always been right on. Only reason I know is because people give me feedback months later. Also, the same clients keep coming back.