Sweet Bestiary

Among the editors, Amy is definitely the designated jewelry specialist, although I’ve seen Grace wearing some fiercely cool accessories, as well. I’m a bit more timid when it comes to jewelry; my daily look includes one small necklace and a pair of unassuming studs that I never remove. One style I’ve always wanted to try, however, is the brooch. You don’t see it often, but I love that it’s front and center like a badge showing the world your personal style. It’s the opposite of timid jewelry, which is partially why I want to try it. Plus, brooches are super versatile pieces that can be worn in many ways. Even the word “brooch” is pleasantly strange; it makes me think of eccentric old ladies who wear orange lipstick and don’t mind telling you when your hair looks ratty (aka my grandmother). Wait, why am I just now getting around to this realization? Brooches are awesome.

If I’m about to become the woman who always wears a brooch, I need a varied collection, and a great place to start is with one of these pieces from Sweet Bestiary. These hand-painted mountains are like tiny sculptures for your body, and I love the intricate designs and slightly irregular puffy shapes. These are just so friendly looking! I think it would be charming to give one of these to your best friend or sister and know that you were connected across space and time by a little piece of wearable art. You can purchase the mountain brooch here, and yes, the lovely oval constellation piece above is also a brooch. Now if you’ll excuse me, more brooch hunting awaits. :) — Kate


Sweet is right! I love these as ornaments, too. I feel like I want a vase of bare branches loaded up with Sweet Bestiary treasures. Year-round Christmas tree!


i LOVE brooches! have been collecting them since I was 10 years old but never wore them as i had the same ‘granny’ thoughts about them. In the last 4 or 5 years i have embraced them fully and wear them all the time. these are just gorgeous!


I wear a brooch almost everyday….I get teased about it sometimes, but in a good way. Brooches and scarves. Yep, I am becoming my grandmother.