Splashy Dishware at Liberty

I’m typically a minimalist with dishware, but these super colorful bowls and plates at Liberty of London are too pretty to pass up. I love all the splashy colors and patterns; it looks like someone went wild with a paintbrush but knew what they were doing. I probably couldn’t handle a full collection this bright, so I’d pair them with the slightly more subdued dot and triangle dishware at Liberty. Both are fun and playful, but the blue pieces feel a bit more neutral and would be perfect paired with something simpler, too. The splashy pieces are available for about $27–$74 a piece, and the blue styles are about $27 each. Click here for more beautiful tableware from Liberty. xo, grace


I’m with you. I don’t normally like patterned things, but those splash paint plates are seriously gorgeous. Me want seriously.


I love the plate at the bottom – the multi-colored one! Although I don’t think I could have a whole table full, I think it would make a great fun serving dish.

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