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sneak peek: best of textile wall hangings

by Amy Azzarito

I’m going to blame it on Grace. After all, she was the one who pointed out the weaving in Sarah Ryhanen’s office. You can barely see it in the photo, but it has sent me on a weaving quest. I became completely obsessed with this way-out-of-my-budget textile hanging. Since I’ve been coming up empty handed, I decided to go through our sneak peek archives and see what wall textiles I could come up with. I love the idea of hanging any sort of fabric on the wall — it makes everything feel a bit softer. As for Grace, she has to listen to me complain about my sad lack of a beautiful textile hanging every day, and that’s probably punishment enough. Luckily, she’s a good sport. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: The weaving above the fireplace in Karen Kimmel’s Los Angeles home was found at the Pasadena Rose Bowl for only $35!

Image above: The beautiful wall hanging in the Eagle Rock, California, bedroom of Julie Galdo and Cody Cloud is only slightly eclipsed by the dinosaur bedside lamp.

Image above: Textile artist Ashley Helvey keeps a wall of inspiration above her workshop at her home in Seattle, Washington.

See more textile wall hangings from our sneak peek archives after the jump . . .

Image above: Illustrator Steven Harrington hung this piece knit by his mother in his small Pasadena, California, Craftsman house.

Image above: The wall hanging in Jess Lorass’ bedroom in Calgary is from the 1950s, and while she doesn’t know much about the artist, she enjoys it every night.

Image above: The wall hanging and “antler” cushion in Annabelle Kerslake’s Australian home are both from Australian textile designer Pony Rider.

Image above: Native American tapestries hang in the bedroom of this Washington State family beach house.

Image above: A b
oucherouite rug turned wall hanging in Lou Mora and Sarah Yates’ Los Angeles home

Image above: Janine Rewell also decided to hang her boucherouite rug on the wall in her home in Helsinki.

Image above: If you want to highlight a favorite piece of fabric, simply hang it on the wall using a wooden hanger — instant art! This is a sample from Catherine Southwood’s textile line hanging in her home in Melbourne, Australia.

Image above: A wall hanging above the bed in leather craftsman Steve Soria’s Santa Barbara home

Image above: Stretching the idea of a textile wall hanging, but I couldn’t resist including these ribbons on a string in Tara and Percy’s Brooklyn home.

Image above:
The fabric “Clouds” by Swedish textile designer Gunila Axén feels a bit like wallpaper and perfectly frames the bed in Klara Bothen’s bedroom in southwest Sweden.

Image above: This wall hanging is actually a hammock purchased in Tulum, Mexico, by homeowners Jason Gnewikow and Jeff Madalena for their Catskills home.

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  • These remind me of macrame and latch hook crafts as a kid. None of these examples do much for me, but there’s definitely potential. Agree with Jocelyn, possibilities are endless…

  • YES, this post is totally up my alley. I am really loving Nightwood’s weavings lately!

  • I’ve been eyeing that Don Freedman fiber art from etsy too! Looks like whoever it was reserved for finally bought it

  • I’m doing an evening class in weaving to add to my stash of techniques for creating wall hangings. Love them. We have a beautiful cream, pine green, olive green and egg yolk yolk german rug wall hanging to go above the piano in the hall. It looks fantastic, it’s enormous (250cm x 150cm) and it acts as soundproofing too.

  • So pretty! Textiles on the walls add so much texture to a room. I’ve got a vintage tapa cloth in one room and a Polish weaving in another. They’re probably my favorite pieces of art in my whole apartment.

  • The one on the brick wall and the one in the Catskills are my favorites. This is a great idea for adding depth, texture, and color to a space.

  • I absolute love wall hangings and think they are so under-rated when every home should have one. I have wall hangings in my home including an embroidered wall hanging from Peru that hangs in my office. It is so amazingly bright and beautiful, it cheers me up no end. Often I just sit and stare at it. Wall hangings bring so much depth and warmth into a home.

  • people are always asking me for color for an accent wall, as a color consultant I should be able to give them a color, something, anything? I can’t, and I’ve realized that accent walls should be the accent to ‘something’ . I’m a fan of natural fiber on the walls, I sometimes think I want my home to have an elegant cave look, is that silly? also has a SW quality I find comforting in design.

    loved the wall art, I’ll be lookin’ for a big net now!

  • When my son went to Israel he brought home a died and woven burlap wall hanging of the Sea of Galilee. It is beautiful and I love having it around.

  • I really admire the skill behind this craft. I prefer to have one weaving pattern based in Primitive and Medieval Art. I like some of the work art.