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Sneak Peek: Ariel Dearie

by anne

Even before moving to New York, Ariel Dearie had long admired the former sweater factory building in Williamsburg with beautiful, ornate rusted wrought iron and huge windows that she now calls home. Fourteen years ago, the factory was converted into lofts, and as Ariel says, “I kind of had to stalk the building to get in. No one ever moves.” Ariel loves the airiness of the space and has tried to keep it that way while also making it cozy. Having her own flower business has motivated Ariel’s eclectic collection of antique vases, Indian brass pots and candelabras. (She just did the flowers for a Bulgari ad campaign with Isabella Rossellini, in addition to her typical weddings, events and photo shoots.) Ariel’s mom gets credit for many of the home’s great accent pieces. New Orleans is another big influence for Ariel’s style — her mother is selling her home there, so she supplies Ariel with amazing dishes, linens and vases every time she visits. The result is just dreamy! Many thanks to Ariel and to Jessica Nash for the great photos! — Anne

Image above: This is my bedroom, with a dream catcher from a road trip I took with my sister in the Mojave Desert.

Image above: This is a workspace/storage for vases, ribbons and old pomegranates.

See more inside Ariel’s floral home after the jump . . .

Image above: The Art Deco vases are some of my favorites. I’ve collected them on trips to New Orleans and to flea markets in the Northeast. The peacock feathers are for an upcoming wedding. The bag is my tool bag, full of wire, tape, ribbon, clippers, knives, matches, tape, snacks . . . everything ends up in there.

Image above: This dining table is one of my favorite things. It was built by my ex-boyfriend from three large wood planks salvaged from an old factory on the Hudson. I’ve been having big dinners lately. It’s so nice being able to fit a lot of people at one table!

Image above: The kitchen. I did the tiling, and that is why it is a little crooked.

Image above: This is an old silver teapot I got in Connecticut. My friend who works at Tiffany’s said that the details on the handle are heat-resistant pieces of ebony.

Image above: I’ve had this old radio for years and listen to NPR and whatever else it is willing to tune to. The shell butter dish is from my mom’s house.

Image above: This chair is an old sewing chair from the ’20s. The cornice pieces were salvaged by my dad from a demolished building in New Orleans and shipped in a huge box to New York.

Image above: My desk

Image above: Living room

Image above: I bought this chandelier from an old Lobster Man on City Island for $25. He even gave me extra crystals!

Image above: Living room. This coleus plant is one of my favorites.

Image above: I found the bathroom cabinet on the sidewalk on Bedford Ave.

Image above: The curtains in the bedroom are antique Italian lace, purchased from a flea market in Paris.

Image above: Photos of my family. The dress was a gift from a dear friend. It’s too tattered to wear, but I can’t get rid of it. In this photo there are also Bach Flower Remedies from the month I decided to become a healer.

Image above: Garden roses, camellia and jasmine vines

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  • I adore this apartment, her aesthetic is great… charming, a little boho, I love “traveled”-filled spaces, and how her career as a florist is echoed by all the plants etc around… very inspiring. I just moved into a new apt and I’m taking mental notes!

  • love!! beautiful home!

    what kind of indoor plants are all of these? im looking for some goodies for my home!


  • I would love to have plants everywhere in my house. sigh. why must I choose between my cats and my love of foliage???

  • I’m absolutely in love with this whole apartment, especially the bed linens. I’ve been looking for a duvet cover set like that everywhere!

  • The stalking paid off! It’s such a light, bright, airy and peaceful space. The photos are great too!

  • thank you for showing the shampoo bottles and the air conditioner – it’s nice to see a beautiful styled house that looks lived in and loved!

  • Beautiful space, i enjoy the view and the lovely decor. I can see why you coveted this apartment!

  • @Meg if you refer to the textured one in pale grey with matching pillows, it’s from Ikea.

    @Rylee, the 2 plants in the foreground on the floor are succulents (on the left it looks like a Jade plant and on the right it looks like an Aloe plant) I can find them here in Québec in my grocery store of all places. The big one in the back is a fiddle leaf fig tree (it’s so trendy right now, I’m looking for one but it’s pricey) and the big heart shaped leaf one looks like a Taro or Elephant ear plant or else, I’m curious to find out. Here is a link for easy plant ideas! http://www.bhg.com/gardening/houseplants/no-fuss/easiest-houseplants-you-can-grow/#page=1

    As for the purple Coleus in her living room, it’s easy to grow or to get a small cutting to root in a glass of water to plant later. They do beautifully outside too! I’m no expert but definitely an enthusiast! ;)

    I love the “it is what it is” ugly AC hanging above the couch. It’s life and part of the quirks of renting yet it’s not cramping her style. Cool space!! Such a cosy looking living room and bedroom! This place looks real, lived in and inviting. Love a place with plants! I have a giant 20 something citrus tree (no fruits) that was grown from a seed that my younger brother planted after he ate the fruit from a grocery store. Could be grapefruit, lemon or orange, not sure but I cherish it!

  • Of course, Ariel’s apartment would be this dreamily dear. Each time she arrives at our door with one of her delicate, imaginative floral arrangements, my heart alights, and our home becomes that much more special for the arrival of one of her treasured arrangements of colour, texture, and scent.

  • This home is so interesting (in a good way). I love how there isn’t really a theme being carried out in the home but everything has a personal touch to it. Very organic and full of nature. Your home is beautiful Ariel!

  • I feel as though I could put my feet up and look around in wonder in this lovely space. I agree with the sentiments about the “travel-filled” space and general feel of it. Thanks for inviting us in to take a peek, Ariel!

  • Love this place! Feminine without being fussy.

    Curious about the headboard — is it a D.I.Y.?

  • This is a lovely home… thanks for sharing. I adore all the greenery and the details like the radio and the pink woven cushions and the dressmaker figurine on your bureau. I really love that sofa, anyone have an idea where it’s from?

  • Photographs are stunning. The place is lovely, but great photography brings it alive.

  • Where is the bed or headboard from? It’s so simple and I’ve been looking for something just like it!

  • Hi! I absolutely love the bedroom. The picture is the inspiration for my new apartment, and I would love to know where the pillows are from! Let me know if you can. Many thanks, Meg