Rosanna Ceravolo Design

by Kate Pruitt

When looking for larger pieces of furniture, I usually lean toward plain, basic pieces, working on the assumption that something so big should not be the statement piece in a room. After catching a glimpse of this incredible credenza from Rosanna Ceravolo Design, a Melbourne-based design studio founded in 2011, I’ve decided to change my tune: why shouldn’t your dressers, cabinets and credenzas be the showstoppers like this one? Each is custom designed by Rosanna, who attributes her attention to texture, materials and form to her background studying architecture. A gorgeous piece of furniture like this is a work of art, and as this simple styling shows, you’d need very little else to complete the look. To find out more about Rosanna Ceravolo’s designs and inquire about specific pieces, you can visit her website here. —Kate

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