Obsessions: Lauren Wolf

by Amy Azzarito

Not only does Lauren Wolf have a namesake rough-beautiful jewelry line, but she also has a store in Oakland’s Temescal, a ‘hood that is basically the height of awesomeness. At Esqueleto, she sells jewelry, bags, scarves and the kind of items that make a home “Sneak Peek” worthy on this very site: found Navajo rugs, mind-blowing geodes and chairs that can change a room. This is all to say that the designer-slash-shopkeep who just made a killer, limited-edition druzy ring for the site I co-founded, Of a Kind, is really good at curating cool. These are the things she’s all about at the moment, and they happen to look stellar together. — Erica

Image above, clockwise from top left:

Michele Quan Medium Painted Jingle Bell, $175
“Michele used to be a jewelry designer — she was the person behind Me&Ro for a long time. Now she does her own line of all these ceramic pieces, and I just think it’s interesting to see a jeweler’s point of view taken to ceramic. This actually makes a sound — it has a little bell inside.”

Erie Basin Georgian Turquoise and Hair Sentimental Ring, $695
“That’s hair in the ring! It’s a memory ring, which was really popular back in the Victorian era. But this one’s really unusual — you don’t usually see a lot of turquoise in that period — so I think it’s a really interesting piece. And I love Russell, the owner of Erie Basin. My boyfriend and I used to live next door to him in Red Hook in Brooklyn.”

Isabel Marant Edilon Devoré-Velvet Tapered Pants, $655
“Isabel Marant is one of my favorite designers, and I’m a pants kind of girl. Plus, I love textile design, and pattern is something I’m really into.”

Rachel Comey Jab Oxfords, $391
“Moving from New York to Oakland, I wear less fancy shoes — not less expensive, necessarily, just less fancy! What I like about Rachel Comey’s shoes is that, design-wise, they’re amazing, but they’re also really practical. For me, working at the store and running around, I’m not going to be wearing heels.”

Image above: Lauren’s latest Of a Kind edition

Image above, clockwise from top left:

Melissa Bolger Drawing
“We did a Day of the Dead group show at Esqueleto, so we asked 14 local artists to submit their own take on the famous holiday. This happens to be one of my favorites — I think it might have my name on it.”

Job & Boss Blocked Tote, $225
“Since opening the shop, I’ve become much more of a bag person. I went through a phase: I used to really like bags, and then I started making jewelry — so that’s sort of where my obsession turned to. You’re seeing a lot of these colors, and denim’s so popular right now. But I think they’re just doing a really different take on the whole idea, and it’s all handmade in Oakland.”

“This photo was taken at Crimson, which is one of our neighbors in the alleyway. It’s a horticultural store, and we get all of our succulents for the shop there.”

Ali Golden Camel Wool Coat, $394
“This coat is perfect for Oakland weather. Of course, now it’s 100 degrees out here, so it’s going to have to wait. But what I love about Ali’s work is that it’s really effortless in its construction and the way it wears. I feel like you can wear this coat with anything.”

New Mexico
“There’s a lot of Southwestern inspiration in my work, and I am planning a trip to New Mexico in November to do just a research and buying trip. I just think it’s really inspiring on a physical-landscape level, and all the artistry that’s been done there and the history of native jewelry work adds to that.”

Vintage Navajo Rugs
“This is a Navajo rug I found online that I liked. A lot of the rugs I find have little holes in them, and I think that really adds to the character. The colors are pretty consistent with the rugs that I have at home — the worn-out red, orange and beige with a little bit of brown.”

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