Natural Wood Grain Gadgets

I love incorporating elements of nature into every facet of my life. As an outdoorsy girl, I would trade a metal for a wood any day — even when it comes to my tech gear. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite wooden gadgets on My Life Scoop this week. Click here to read the full post. Enjoy! — Stephanie


I love everything wood. i swear my house could be made entirely out of wood if only it wasnt expensive! The clock and mouse is so cool!

Robin @ Red Line Vintage

I’m a sucker for wood grain too. Perhaps one of the reasons I’m so infatuated with mid century design — the use of walnut and teak in American and Danish modern pieces of that time period make me weak in the knees!


I have a Chakra Magnet Wand built with a natural grain oak handle. I sell on Etsy.