Marimekko Fall/Winter Colors

by Grace Bonney

It feels as though everyone and their brother visited Finland this year. Four of my favorite people went this summer alone, and it seems half of my Facebook feed is announcing plans to travel there this fall or next spring. If I ever make it to that part of the world, I hope I can visit the Marimekko headquarters, if only to load up on striped shirts. In addition to their great striped options, Marimekko has some awesome fabrics for fall/winter in wonderfully warm color palettes. Both of these styles were created by Sanna Annukka. The print above, Kultakero, was inspired by the Kultakero hills in Finland. I love these plum and red hues for winter; the trees feel seasonally appropriate, but the colors are warmer and cozier than most winter designs. In addition to the fabric above, Sanna designed the cute pike and mountain dishcloths below. Bonus? They’re made of cellulose cloth, so they’re 100% compostable and biodegradable. Click here to check out and shop ($48 per yard) the fabric and here to shop the dishcloths ($13) online at Finn Style. xo, grace

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  • I also visited Finland some years ago. Alone.
    It was a great experience and changed some points of view about life.
    Love the work by Sanna and those prints are incredible. Have you seen the rug for Node? Incredible too.
    I found Marimmekko a bit expensive but could by some little things to carry the desing with me.
    I recomend you to get lost in the Design District in Helsinki…inspiring

  • Oh my goodness, I love that purple and pink fabric! These to me are very fall colors.. I noticed when we were getting pumpkins, that a plum tree nearby had dropped thousands of deep purple leaves all around the orange squash and thought it was the perfect color combo for fall. But with Pink? That’s perfect! Great share, thanks!

  • When I was a kid a babysitter wore Marimekko and got me hooked very young…..a trip to Finland would be dangerous to my Visa ;)

  • Add me to the list! My husband is in school for Industrial Design and he’s working on a project with a sister school there, so I’m tagging along. I am so so excited!

  • My mom was from Finland so I grew up with Marimekko and have several gorgeous pieces. Love, love the Finnish “style”.