Mae Engelgeer tea towels

The last thing I need is another tea towel, but I can never resist a good color and pattern combo. These gorgeous designs from Mae Engelgeer combine neon and neutral masterfully and would be an easy way to update a tiny kitchen that just needs a little extra detail. Mae’s towels come in four styles ($24 each), and they’re all machine washable for easy clean up. xo, grace

Kattie @ First Floor Side Door

These are so pretty. I’ve started asking for tea towels and other things that I can never convince myself I should drop cash on at Christmas. My mother in law always wants a very specific list at a specific dollar amount. Last year I got cloth napkins, tea towels, teaspoons and a whisk. Definitely weird but exactly what I wanted.

I think these would end up on my wall though!

Amy Madeline

I love interesting tea towels and these, because of their designs and size, have just given me an idea for a new way to enjoy them. They are so artistic (I too particularly like the second one) I could see it framed or stretched over a canvas as art.