Lonely Houses by Happy Red Fish

I have yet to see a photography-and-craft pairing that does not yield amazing results. Whether it’s an image transferred to fabric or adhered to wood or metal or a photographic collage with thread, paint and even light, there’s just something about the effect of a three dimensional reality made two dimensional by photography, only to be brought back into three dimensionality with a textural material. It’s simply delightful for the eye, the hand and the mind. I know of a couple great artists working with found photos and embroidery, but I’m thrilled to discover another: Happy Red Fish, an Amsterdam-based creative studio operated by Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen. These pieces are from his newest series, “Lonely Houses.” They are strange but beautifully so. If you are interested in purchasing any artwork, you can contact Hagar here. — Kate


Their website has some detail shots, you can see the precision and texture close up. That placement of the embroidered points over the perspective of the photos…I just can’t stop staring. Incredible find!


That last one might be my favorite. What a great piece. I’d love to hang one in my home ;).