Lisa Congdon for Hygge & West

by Grace Bonney

Nothing gets me more excited than seeing a designer expand into a new medium. I’ve been a fan of Lisa Congdon’s work for as long as I can remember, and it’s been an absolute joy to watch her art career take off and grow into exciting new projects and materials. This week, her first collection of wallpaper with Hygge & West launched, and it’s fantastic. Lisa designed three patterns that highlight her love of nature and geometric imagery. Ferns, below, comes in green, black and gold and feels like a sophisticated spin on feather imagery. Triangles, above, is my favorite pattern, and it comes in black/white, black/gold and gray/pink. I’m a sucker for geometric patterns with a dash of gold, so this one definitely has me on the hook. The rich gold pattern at the bottom of this post is called Bohemian; its swirling pattern was inspired by a doodle in Lisa’s notebook that’s now a beautiful wallpaper. All of Lisa’s designs are available at Hygge & West, where you can buy rolls for $125 each right here. Congrats to Lisa on her beautiful new collection! xo, grace

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  • I have patiently been waiting for this collection! Now just to figure out where I should add some triangle love….hallway, closet or kitchen cabinets? Nicely done, Lisa Congdon!