Jupiter Pendant

We don’t often get to see the stars in Brooklyn because of all the light pollution. On the clearest nights, sometimes you can make out a few bright stars, but you typically have to leave the city to get a great view. The lack of a sparkly night sky makes me crave and covet anything that replicates that effect — from sticky glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars to this beautiful zinc-plated pendant lamp. Made of raw iron with a phosphate coating, this hanging pendant at Jayson Home has hand-drilled holes that, when lit, give the appearance of a starry night sky. While it’s probably not bright enough for office use, this would be gorgeous in an entryway or hallway where ambient lighting is sufficient. All those little twinkly light spots will look so beautiful at night. Click here to check out the pendant in more detail and order ($250) online. xo, grace

Lucia Fontana

Absolutely love this lamp! Actually reminded me of the Constellation Lamps by Roost which we offer at nova68.com These pendant light fixtures were inspired by the stars that light up the sky on a clear night. These lamps create such a nice warm atmosphere and look fabulous when lit at night

Robin Robin Robin

A beautiful and elegant piece… it would add a sense of poetry to a room and a wonderful sense of mystery at night. I love this piece… Have you seen the series by ZENZA home as well?