Inspiration Library: The Surf Cafe Cookbook

by Amy Azzarito

Every inspiration library should have a healthy food section. After all, most of are eating three times a day. Before I started flipping through The Surf Cafe Cookbook, I hadn’t realized a surfing community even existed in Ireland. But now the seaside village of Strandhill on the West Coast of Ireland is on my list of “must visit” places. Jane and her husband Miles first met in Cornwall where they were both working at the Headland Hotel and taking time out to surf. After the summer ended, they spent the next few years traveling all over the world – spending summers working in restaurants by the sea so they could surf and winters were spent running chalets at ski resorts. Their life centered around their two passions – great food and the great outdoors. When they finally decided to settle in one place, they looked all over until they found a little cafe for rent by the sea in Ireland. This book is a peek into their world. It’s filled with recipes delicious recipes guaranteed to warm you up when you come in from the cold. (There’s a recipe for a warm fruit salad – a spin on the classic summer breakfast – that I’m dying to try) But my favorite part is the look at the culture and history of the Strandhill area and the profiles of local artists, musicians, fishermen, craftsmen and surfers. (There’s even a recipe for making your own organic surf wax!) –Amy Azzarito

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  • My favorite reading used to be cookbooks but it’s been a long time since I felt inspired. This looks beautiful and fascinating, and poached plums & yogurt? And Ireland and beach food?? I’m so excited for this!

  • I lived in a house with my grandparents on the mountain behind STrandhill for a year when I was a teenager. Thankyou so much for alerting me to this book – it’s on the chritsmas list!!

  • Wow I’m delighted to see this book featured here! I know this cafe well as my friend works and loves in the area. They do a fantastic toastie! Was at the cafe hat a couple of months ago for the launch of the new local website, gostrandhill.com – its testiment to a great little community. To be honest, it’s not the prettiest village in Ireland but the area is wonderful! And yes, many people surf and come live to The West for the surf – the international championships were here very recently. Sorry for the long comment, it’s just fab to see this local book featured on such a great site!!

  • Such a brilliant book – (I have a copy) and such a brilliant couple, (I know them well, actually Myles is my brother!). Lovely feature xxx