if you’re waiting for a sign . . .

by Grace Bonney

I’m not usually one for sayings and quotations, but I love this little paper-cut design from Jonathan at Mr Yen. It’s a reminder to push forward and stay motivated as well as a beautiful piece of art that would look lovely on anyone’s wall. I think this would be great for an office — it’s a pretty (and friendly) little nudge to keep moving and innovating. Each hand-cut paper of leaves, seeds and flowers (based on original drawings) is arranged to feel like a loose, natural lace; it’s so delicate I’d almost hate to put it behind glass and lose its airiness. But it would be gorgeous no matter how you displayed it. Click here to check out this piece in detail (it’s roughly 8 x 11 inches in size) and order online ($72 each). xo, grace

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