fiber lab

One of the many ways in which my tiny hands fail me is their lack of dexterity for executing origami projects. I try and try again, but I end up getting frustrated and balling them up on the floor. So when I see it done well, I’m in awe. These beautiful lampshades are 100% handmade (and folded) from 60% cotton paper that’s produced in a 450-year-old paper mill in Annonay, France. Justina from Fiber Lab designs her paper lamps from her studio in Vancouver, Canada. Each shade is designed to be used with CFL and LED bulbs, and the paper is treated so it won’t fade for years to come. I’d love to group a small set of these over an office table; it would be a cute way to feature something faceted and modern with a softer feel. You can check out Justina’s current collection and shop online (prices range from $41–$104, not including cord) right here. xo, grace

Chris @ ContempoSpace

If it makes you feel any better, bigger hands are no guarantee of better origami skills (trust me on this)!

Those shades do look warm and inviting though.


Like the lamps, but LOVE the office table… why can’t I find one like this??