Faux Bois Tabletop

My fondness for faux bois always returns when temperatures start to drop. First it was these birch twig taper candles, and now I’m loving these Hickory Stick Candles and Birch Bark Straws at Terrain. Both would be fun for casual parties and both bring a little bit of fake-wood whimsy to the table. The candles comes in brown, ivory or blue ($36) and the straws come in a pack of 144 for $8. If you’ve got guests coming over for the holidays these would be a fun way to kick off a themed woodsy dinner party… xo, grace

Alison Burtt

I love these. I guess faux bois is not as hot as it was a couple of years ago because I’m not seeing it EVERYWHERE any more, but I’m still a total sucker for it. Also, I picked up the Camp Design Sponge newspaper at Anthro a few weeks ago and loved that too. Still one of my very favorite blogs after all these years!

Leslie Pell

The Stick Candles are GREAT! They drip/burn perfectly. I gave a bunch of these exact same ones as hostess gifts last year and everyone LOVED them!