Entertaining: Fall Flower Centerpiece and Place Setting

Last week, we kicked off October’s entertaining ideas with two creepy Halloween invitations. Today, we’re sharing some season-appropriate ways to spruce up your tables — in the form of autumnal flower arrangements. I’ve always had a secret love for dried flowers. Although fresh-cut stems are stunning in their own right, there’s something hauntingly beautiful about the dried variety. Perhaps it’s their fragile texture or their deep, muted color, but dried flowers combined with some more unusual varieties make excellent additions to an autumnal interior. (They also last pretty much forever, which helps if you’re trying to cut costs.)

Inspired by creepy tales of scientists gone mad like Jekyll and Hyde and Frankenstein, I decided to pair dried and unusual flowers from Sprout Home with vintage laboratory test tubes, a perfect combination for casting a scary mood. Above, we used a test tube rack from Science Supply to create a mad scientist-themed centerpiece. Each glass tube received one or two stems and was dispersed evenly throughout the metal rack. Wispy “explosion grass” was placed intermittently around the arrangement, providing an almost cobweb-like look. Below, a single test-tube with explosion grass and a few stems of dried flowers creates an eerie place setting. For a full guide to the flowers used in these arrangements, continue after the jump! — Max


Super cool stuff. I never liked chemistry classes and test tubes, but this one looks freaking awesome. Love it!


Awesome! My boyfriend who loves chemistry will get behind this! Also, those napkins are fabulous, where are they from?


The test tubes and single fall blooms are terrific. What a great idea to put front and centre on a table or buffet!


Can you actually reveal what paint color that is on the wall behind the arrangement? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! So beautiful.

Michele Turcotte

I just love these strong yet relatively simple arrangements which have endless possibilities. I love to be able to see a flower in its entirety . We just purchased a small and very old test tube container with many extra tubes so I can duplicate this effect I’m excited to say.