DIY Video: No Man’s Land Ottoman Makeover

If there’s one DIY tool I love using more than any other, it’s a staple gun. I love it so much that I almost always mistype the word as “staple fun.” So when Shelly and Anna invited me on their DIY YouTube video series¬†No Man’s Land, I knew I wanted to do something with my staple gun. Thankfully, Shelly and Anna had a seriously in-need ottoman that was perfect for reupholstering. So they came over to our D*S office (pre-makeover, full reveal coming soon!) on a Sunday and redid their ottoman with new contrasting fabric on the top and bottom and spray painted the legs with a bright hot pink paint. You can watch the full video below and here on YouTube. Thanks so much to Shelly and Anna for having me! xo, grace

*PS: Someone always emails me to say my hair looks bad in videos. I hear you. I have since chopped it off.


Cute video. I especially appreciate that they did this the way I would, that is, inside the house and without bothering with protective masks, gloves, etc., because I just want to get it done! I also like how they used the coffee table as a work table, which is the type of thing I would do, usually using the kitchen countertop. Great idea about spraying inside a cardboard box–will try this next time. Would be a good idea also for removing paint on small objects.


People tell you your hair looks bad in videos? That is so stupid. Your hair looks AWESOME, and I’m sorry that people feel so entitled to be jerks.


Hi Grace,
Thanks for all your hard work on Design*Sponge; I do enjoy reading it!
In the spirit of your conversation with Alexandra Lange a few weeks ago, I have to say I’m really disappointed with this video. A couple of reasons made me feel strongly enough to comment. Your hair is not one of them!
– Attention to detail. Good design is often found in the details, and I don’t mean what fabric you choose, or that one decides to use buttons or notions in unconventional ways. I mean in execution. Those corners DO matter and giving us a few options on how to best do it might have been helpful. Also, how is the inside of the box done up, where the edges of the fabric fold into the ottoman? What’s the neatest, most durable way of doing that? Isn’t there a raw fabric edge that runs up one of the sides of the ottoman? What do I do with that?
– There were few references to safety. Maybe a solid mention of proper ventilation for spray painting, using gloves and wearing goggles would be appropriate. This is from both a responsible-designer and a mom-of-a-one-year-old perspectives.


For the record, I liked your hair :-) and I too am sorry that some people are so negative.


I agree with Missi, be your your fabulous self and ignore other people’s opinions.

Danielle E

Thanks Grace and girls for the overhaul info- I’ve been considering doing this for some time myself! Would you consider showing us how to affix foam to the sides in an additional video? I think that could get a little tricky. Thanks again!

Grace Bonney


sure thing! if we do another video (this was for another site’s series, i was just a guest) for d*s i’ll be sure to include video of that :)



The hair comments are so shallow. What the hell is wrong with people that they feel the need to say such a thing!